Snorkelling Tips for Beginners

Snorkelling is a fun aquatic activity that everyone should try out once in a while. However, some people have a deep fear of snorkelling, perhaps due to unexplained myths or inexperience. With proper training and guidance, you will love snorkelling and this is why we have compiled a few beginner tips.

Get the Right Equipment

Different equipment such as masks, fins, and dry snorkel are used in snorkelling. To get the best snorkelling experience, don the right equipment. Get a fitting mask that is easily adjustable and that will not let water leak in. A proper mask will also not be prone to fogging. Fitting fins are crucial not just for safety but for a wholesome, unforgettable snorkelling experience. Fins should not be too tight nor too loose.

Practice Makes Perfect

Breathing through your snorkel is a bit uncomfortable for starters. However, like with any other sport, snorkelling takes a great deal of practice to master. You will not be a pro on your first day but with practice, you will get better. Get an experienced guide to take you through the motions. Some snorkelers prefer to start in the shallow end of a swimming pool, which is alright.

Relax and Have Fun

Snorkelling is meant to be a fun activity away from the daily grind of life. Do yourself a favour and have fun while at it. Swim slowly to avoid exhaustion. Snorkelling consumes loads of energy, if done aggressively. Keep your activity levels low, conserve energy and enjoy for longer. Occasionally, get out of water and enjoy American Football Streaming by the seaside as you relax your muscles and catch some breath.

Stay Safe

Staying safe during snorkelling is paramount whether you are a beginner or experienced. Take heed of your instructors, fit the gear correctly and choose the location carefully. if the ocean is a bit rough on the day, keep away until calm returns.