Best Places to Go Diving

The first dive is undoubtedly an exciting one, but the thing about diving is that every dive delivers a new experience. For this reason, a lot of scuba divers are keen on knowing where the best places are to go diving. They enjoy this water activity so much they don’t mind travelling to find new places to participate in a good dive. Some like to combine their yearly holidays with their diving activities. There are amazing places that offer some great diving adventures.

Sipadan Island Malaysia

Here the best diving spot according to many is the Barracuda Point. Some of the things that can be expected are to perhaps enjoying the water with sharks as they swim by the wall of coral. Some of the other common aquatic life to see are parrotfish, jacks, turtles and the barracudas.

Palau, Micronesia

Here the diver is going to want to do their dives at the Blue Corner Wall. There are two big underwater attractions to be enjoyed by divers here. First, there is the wall itself, which is comprised of beautiful thick coral that makes a home for mantis shrimps and moray. Then outside of this area, you are able to see barracuda, snappers and jacks along with several other species.


Diving at the Yongala is going to provide a diving experience that will be remembered for a long time to come. At least for those who enjoy exploring a shipwreck as this is where the Yongala shipwreck is. Apart from this, there is an abundance of aquatic life to awe the diver. This is comprised of tiger sharks, bull sharks, snakes and different sized octopuses. The shipwrecked Yongala is under official protection.

The Egyptian Red Sea

Those who take the time to prepare for a dive in the Egyptian Red Sea have four adventures ahead of them if they choose to do multiple dives such as


Thistlegorm is the shipwreck that many want to see when diving here. This is where a diver will want to dive more than once as there is so much to see. The Thistlegorm was a ship that was sunk in 1941 following an attack. It was carrying a cargo of motorbikes among other things. To this day the motorbikes can be seen among the shipwreck.

With the other three being:

  • Anemone City
  • Shark City
  • Wreck of the Yolanda

Some of these notable dive locations require a great deal of travel to get to these destinations. Depending on where the diver is coming from. Aside from these, most divers can also find some amazing diving experiences close to home.

Quite often these same destinations, so popular for scuba diving, offer some great opportunities for those who want to enjoy some snorkelling.