Guide to Snorkelling and Diving

For those who are interested in diving and snorkelling, then they have come to the right website. This is what we are all about here. It is a fascinating water activity, and we wanted to bring more attention and recognition to it. We feel that we are accomplishing this by the specific topics that we have chosen to cover. Some of these include:

Posts about Snorkeling

For some, they have no desire to want to participate in activities that require them to go deep into the water. At the same time, they do have an interest in what lies beneath the water. They can enjoy some wonderful underwater experiences by just spending some time slightly below the water’s surface. The way to do this is by becoming involved in snorkelling.

There is only a minimal amount of equipment that is needed for this. What is exciting is the new equipment for snorkelers that is allowing them to remain underwater for longer periods. Here on this site, there is some exciting and information about snorkelling that begins with a post that talks about the differences between snorkelling and scuba diving.

Snorkellers will also enjoy the posts that focus on diving. It will give them a better opportunity to decide if they would like to take their underwater activities to the next level, which would be scuba diving. The post about the Best Places to Dive will be of interest to snorkelers as these same destinations may be great places to snorkel as well.

Posts about Diving

It is not uncommon for a lot who enjoy snorkelling to want to expand their water experiences. To do this, they will become involved in diving. There are some important posts here to help those who are thinking of taking up this exciting activity. The first one will explain how scuba diving differs from snorkelling. This way, those who are interested will have an idea of what the transition from snorkelling to scuba diving involves.

Finding a place to dive is easy, but our post on this topic is a great place to begin. Proper training is paramount to the safety of the diver. The post here is a good guideline for choosing a diving school.

New divers and snorkelers have a lot of unanswered questions. Here there is a post that covers some of these and the answers to them. The information here is a good guideline to follow.